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Most Popular Realistic Animal Puppets

If you're looking for realistic animal puppets, we carry various styles to meet your expectations. Whether teachers need them for school or kids want them for play time, we carry a collection of lifelike Bird Puppets, Wildlife Puppets, Insect Puppets, Monkey Puppets, Frog Puppets, Sea Creature Puppets and Dog & Cat Puppets.

Below are some of the most popular realistic animal puppets from our wide selection.

Persian Cat Puppet (15") - Featuring the same furry features as a real cat, this 15 inch persian cat puppet is great for playing with children who love household pets, but might have allergies. To move the mouth, simply place your hand in the bottom of the puppet. ($29.95 | Buy Now)

Brown Monkey Puppet (24") - Kids will love how realistic our brown monkey puppet looks and feels! At 24 inches tall, this brown monkey puppet is about the same size as a real monkey and has soft hair that feels like a real animal. Plus, there's even a moving mouth to make him talk! ($39.95 | Buy Now)

Tiger Shark Puppet (24") - Although this Tiger Shark Puppet might not be the full length of a real shark, the features are very lifelike! Featuring all the unique fins and markings of a real tiger shark, this realistic animal puppet is perfect for kids who love sea creatures and aquatic animals. Hand entrance is on the bottom of the belly. ($18.95 | Buy Now)

Iguana Puppet (38") - One of the most realistic puppets in our lineup is this Iguana Puppet! At 38 inches long, this lifelike amphibian features a movable mouth and tongue, along with a colorful scale-like design for the body. ($25.95 | Buy Now)

Alligator Puppet (30") - Our Alligator Puppet is so realistic, it might just scare someone who isn't expecting it! Made with a design that details all the various scales and features a very distinct color scheme, this lifelike 30 inch animal puppet will be a favorite of any kid who loves gators! ($35.95 | Buy Now)

Painted Lady Butterfly Puppet (12") - At 12 inches tall, our Painted Lady Butterfly Puppet might be a bit bigger than most real butterflies, but the detail on this realistic animal puppet is so beautiful, kids and adults will both appreciate the attention to detail. Wings are movable. ($17.49 | Buy Now)

Coral Fish Puppet (16") - Our Coral Fish Puppet features a bold and beautiful color scheme, providing a lifelike animal puppet that will be popular with fish fans and great for aquatic themed plays. Save money by purchasing our full Fish Puppet Set. ($15.95 | Buy Now)

Giant Emu Bird Puppet (30") - Since Emus are one of the biggest birds in the animal kingdom, it's only right our Giant Emu Bird Puppet stands 30 inches tall! Featuring vibrant soft faux fur and a built-in air-filled squaker to make bird noises, this realistic animal puppet is very easy to operate, with entry through the bottom of the puppet. ($49.95 | Buy Now)

Leopard Tortoise Puppet (12") - Our Leopard Tortoise Puppet is so realistic it belongs on the bottom of the ocean! Designed with colorful, detailed skin to serve as scales and movable legs and head, this puppet is one of top selling amphibian puppets we carry. ($20.95 | Buy Now)

Orangutan Puppet (32")
- Our premium Orangutan Puppet is exceptionally designed for a lifelike appearance that will be appreciated by teachers and students alike. This realistic animal puppet is 32 inches tall, has silky hair and screen printed hands and feet to enhance the detailed features. Easy to operate features. ($49.95 | Buy Now)

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