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A Hand In Hollywood: Our 8 Favorite Movies & TV Shows With Puppets

Puppets are not only a staple in kid's play rooms, but throughout pop culture. Because they can capture the imagination of both puppeteers and their viewers, puppets provide an opportunity to dream bigger and bring concepts to life that would be otherwise impossible. In film and television, puppets have been used to help transpire some of your favorite fictional characters.

To show you how important puppets are in Hollywood, we've highlighted our eight favorite movies and TV shows with puppets.

1. The Muppets Movie

We know, we know - this is an easy one. But could we even mention movies with puppets, without talking about Kermit and the gang? They are the original puppets on the block! No puppet movie list would be complete without The Muppets and this recent remake of the popular franchise fits the bill. Also, don't forget that we carry the full Muppet Puppets Set for purchase.


Sure, Pinocchio is a Disney cartoon, but it’s also one of the most popular Disney movies and happens to be about a Puppet, who wants to become a real boy. If you said Pinocchio doesn’t belong on this list, well then you better check to make sure your nose didn’t grow.

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Although not quite as popular as the first two flicks, Forgetting Sarah Marshall definitely fits the list. While the movie is about Peter getting over his broken heart and finding love, his dream is to put on an amazing puppet show - spoiler alert: he does.

4. Alf

Time to rewind and take it back to the late 80s, early 90s. While Alf is not technically a movie, it was a ridiculously popular television show during the time it ran. Alf was a hilarious, clumsy, sarcastic, but lovable alien that loved to eat cats and burp up their fur. Alf is definitely one of our favorite puppets.

5. Gremlins

These little puppets are not quite as lovable as Alf, but I sure bet you’ve heard of them and even watched the movie a time or 100. Thanks to sophisticated puppetry that was ahead of it’s time, the Gremlins was a wildly popular movie and is still hilarious to this day.

The Never Ending Story

Thanks to a great story line, some giant puppets and a little bit of computer graphic magic, The Never Ending Story will live on as one of the best children’s movie ever to feature puppets.

7. Star Wars

No, Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker were not puppets! But did you know that our favorite little Jedi was just a puppet? That’s right, Yoda is a puppet! Believe that, can you?


Alf isn’t the only alien puppet on our list. E.T. is and will always be a puppet favorite, not to mention a classic, must-watch film. Thanks to Steven Spielberg's technical wizardry, E.T.’s puppetry was ahead of it’s time and even though it’s been well over 30 years since the movie was released E.T. is still one of the most famous puppets in Hollywood.

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