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Essential Puppets For Therapy

Puppets are most commonly considered toys or performance pieces, but many take for granted their ability to help therapists facilitate productive conversation with patients. As the mouthpiece for the imaginative, puppets are used by child therapists quite frequently. Since many kids can only open up to people they trust, full body puppets of recognizable figures allow therapists to facilitate important and often difficult conversations about situations at home and school.

To help therapists be as productive as possible with their young patients, we've highlighted the following essential puppets for therapists, which are all affordable and offer great educational options for kids who have a hard time opening up.

Maria, Hispanic Woman Puppet (30”) - This full body female puppet offers a motherly appearance and will be a great asset for therapists who need to present that authoritative point of view to their child patients and help them understand how rules work. Multiple races available. ($59.95 | Buy Now)

George, Man Puppet, with Peach Skin (30”) - Our full body male puppet is another viable option for therapists, specifically looking to carry on a conversation about children's thoughts on parental matters, without kids feeling scared to do so in front of their parents. Multiple races available. ($59.95 | Buy Now)

Bobby, Boy Puppet, Peach Skin (30”) - If you're a child therapist and your patients are having problems adapting to their classmates, our full body Bobby puppet offers a conversational tool that can help facilitate productive conversation about getting along with others or overcoming anxiety issues. ($59.95 | Buy Now)

Katie, Girl Puppet, Peach Skin (30”) - When working with girls have trouble in school or at home, child therapists can use our full body Katie puppet to explain the difficulties of growing up, from a POV they'll be able to easily identify with. ($59.95 | Buy Now)

Granny, Grandma Puppet, Black (30”) - Many young children understand things best if they're coming from their grandparents. That's why this Granny puppet is ideal for therapists who struggle with children who simply won't communicate. Multiple race available. ($59.95 | Buy Now)

Pops, Grandpa Puppet, Hispanic (30”) - Our full body Pops grandpa puppet is another option for therapists working with a child who needs a grandparent to lean on, providing a trusting character that will ease young ones into talking about tough topics. Multiple race available. ($59.95 | Buy Now)

Pro Puppet Starter Set (5 Puppets) - If you're a therapist that deals with various children with different problems, our Pro Puppet Starter Set offers an entire family of puppets, offering a variety of combinations of potential topics that will make speaking to issues at home much easier. ($279.95 | Buy Now)

Hispanic Family Pro Puppet Set (4 Puppets) - Therapists in states like California or Texas might consider our Hispanic Family Pro Puppet Set, which offers a family scenario that might be easier for many kids to identify with, in many parts of the country. ($224.95 | Buy Now

African-American Family Pro Puppet Set (4 Puppets) - Another option for child therapists working with specific demographics is our African-American Family Pro Puppet Set, which offers a full family of brown-skinned puppets for children who identify better with familiar faces. ($224.95 | Buy Now)

Kids Puppet Starter Set (5 Pro Puppets) - Therapists who deal strictly with children will find our Kids Puppet Starter Set quite beneficial, as the five pack of full body puppets offers various kids puppets, which will make difficult conversations about school and sibling trouble much easier. ($279.95 | Buy Now)

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