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Top Ten Educational Puppets For Teachers

Teachers have one of the hardest jobs. Whether their students are so young they don't understand or too stubborn to listen, these heroic educators are responsible for instilling some of the most vital themes in our next generations, whether the kids care to listen or not. No pressure, right?

Because we know teachers need all the help they can get, we've highlighted ten of our favorite educational puppets for schools, all of which offer a fun and engaging point of view that will allow students to easily understand some of the most important lessons we need to know.

William Shakespeare Puppet (28’)

This William Shakespeare full body puppet is perfect for teachers looking to educate their students on classic plays and poems. (Our Price: $54.95 | Buy Now)

Sick Lungs Puppet

Most children have a hard time understanding health issues. That’s why this Sick Lungs Puppet is great for health teachers, as the exposed lungs make speaking to issues like smoking and cancer much easier to understand. (Our Price: $54.95 | Buy Now)

Mr. Tree Puppet

Our Mr. Tree Puppet comes with leaves and blossoms, which allows to teachers to easily explain the different seasons to their youngest students. Plus, the Deluxe Puppet even includes a script booklet called, “A Tree For All Seasons” to help tell the story! (Our Price: $39.95 | Buy Now)

Policeman Puppet, Black (14”)

Certain kids at young ages don’t listen very well. Our Policeman Puppet will help teachers enforce rules and help their difficult students understand authority better. (Our Price: $24.95 | Buy Now)

Jesus Puppet, with Rope Belt (14”)

Teachers at parochial schools will love using our Jesus Puppet to help educate their students on important stories from the Bible. One of our best sellers! (Our Price: $25.95 | Buy Now)

Civil War General Puppet (28’)

History teachers will love telling stories about America’s history with this prestigious Civil War General full body puppet. (Our Price: $54.95 | Buy Now)

Sarah, Woman Puppet, Peach Skin (14”)

One of the featured selections from our Moms & Dads Puppets category is this ‘Sarah’ Women Puppet, which is great for teachers who want to explain certain rules their mom put in place or for showing how things should work at home. (Our Price: $24.95 | Buy Now)

George, Man Puppet, Peach Skin (14”)

Another featured selection from our Moms & Dads Puppets category is this ‘George’ Man Puppet, which also helps educators present rowdy children with the POV of an authority figure they understand. (Our Price: $24.95 | Buy Now)

Nurse Puppet, White (14”)

Are you a teacher and having a hard time explaining health 101 to your students? This Nurse Puppet will make those tough talks easier to understand for young children. (Our Price: $25.95 | Buy Now)

Puppet Wheelchair

When certain students have a disability, explaining that difference to other students can be very difficult for teachers. To ensure handicapped students don’t get teased for a lack of understanding, we offer this Puppet Wheelchair, which works with most of our puppets and will make that conversation much easier for teachers. (Our Price: $39.95 | Buy Now)

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